Monday, 26 October 2009

showing some culture to the cuz

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, it's because my cousin Billie (^^) is here, and so I haven't really had the time! Yesterday we went ice skating with pro skater, Erin. We taught Billie some basic moves which she was mucho chuffed with, and Erin even taught me some of the fancy stuff, wahoo! Can't wait to start bronze! And then the day before yesterday, Billie and I went to ... Fleet Town, the place of dreams. I got some sexy brown heels in the Dorothy Perkins shoe sale! (wore them today they're so cutteee!!)

So today we went to Blazers, with Erin, and we did a bit of Primarking and stuff and we even went in Whittard of Chelsea, that cute tea shop :) Had some free samples, mmm, I love that shop. Then we went to Nandos (HELLYEEERRRR. Matt and I have been craving Nandos since like...last week. Well, we always crave Nandos though tbh!) with Zara and Kate before doing a spot more shopping and cinema ticket booking. Then went to the cinema (running a teensy bit late but leaving some time for the adverts.. HAHA. Billie joked that she wanted to see them and Zara actually believed her! Bless her =D) and we were already a bit late, but to make things worse, the person who gave us our tickets earlier TOTALLY COCKED UP and gave us the wrong showing so we had to wait for ages to get new ones, and then we finally saw UP!! We were just in time... :] It's actually a really sweet film, really sad at some parts, but actually LOLWORHY at others!

Then ... er, Kate went home, and the rest of us hung around the bank (played with the kiddy toys that they just have there, in like, EVERY know the sorts!!) so I could pay in a cheque. Hehe, she called me miss Marlow. :)
And then Zara topped up and we waited AGES for our train back.
I've taught Billie to say 'blad' and 'blud' and 'ite' so she's all set :D

HAHA at the station Zara and me saw this chav guy like "ahhh blud there's machines!" at the machines where you put your ticket in, and then his civilised friend/relative like "yes." and so he was all "blud" etc., and the other was totally poshe, it was hilarious!

And now we're gonna have MORE CHICKEN for dinner.
It's a good thing I heart chicken. Or 'de love' it, as Erin told me... funky, isn't it? =D

ciao ciao

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