Friday, 23 October 2009

ICT/Functional Skills

10 minutes til the end of IT.... and yeah BORED. Finished this gay assessment thing about Sunnycoombe Camping & Caravan park...YAY. Sorry, but Sunnycoombe. WHAT A NAME. Not.
Nanny P says yo.
He's playing some bike game... GAY. Ohhh no, he's stuck in a wooden gappy thing. NOOO HE DIED. Hahahhaha, someones sound just went off and we're doing an assesment, LOLLL.
Right anyway.
And now David's messing with the sound whilst she's outside... er, yeah. So this morning I had to have Shreddies (=/) because we're out of waffles :( DAMNIT. And yeah first period - English. It's so boring. You know that YouTube video that's like 'cat...I'm a kitty cat...and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance!' ? Well you might not, if you don't - YouTube it, seriously. Anyway we were like 'blud. A blud blud. And a blud blud blud and a blud blud blud' because that is what English does to us - it makes us GO CRAZY. Nanny P's like "you wierd mother fuckers" as he is reading this whilst playing his beloved game.
And then Science, I sit next to Ella now because everyone got moved. I miss sitting next to Erin (and Alec. Ahem. No. But it was pretty funny I guess), at least I have Ella.

So at Break we went to go see Miss Kenny about this charity thing we're setting up :)
Michelle just went 'kiss me I'm Irish' to 'random bluds over there' according to Nathaniel, and now we're trying to work out how drunk you would actually have to be to kiss that - as in, passed out. Ewwww.
Double Drama... our peformance was pretty good, we didn't screw up really! Yay! Kam's one was soooooo good, and Ian's was sooo LOLWORTHYYYY!
Nathaniel just highlighted the sentence 'we didn't crew up really' and went 'of course', sarcastically. Hmph.

Apres Lunch, was Maths and we had a test and FAIL. And then.. THIS ... SHIZZLE.

whatever, lesson's nearly over now.
ciao ciao

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