Thursday, 22 October 2009


Blazers = Basingstoke. And the clothing item. We should totally have blazers at our school, that would be awesome. We saw some blazers in Blazers. So then we decided that they would be so cool at our school, just not maroon/burgundy/whatever colour our uniform is (ugh).

So, continuing that random previous post, after Photography was break (blablabla) and then Double PE... wooh. We did badminton all together. I was with Katherine and we were in the semi-final. But then Ian and Alex beat us. And then they won the final. So they got a chocolate bar....yay. Ian seems to think this bothers me. It does not.
After PE it was Lunch and I went to Drama to have a full rehearsal before tomorrow, which is when we're doing our Shakers performance! But Deanna wasn't there, and we couldn't find the board and were too hot, so it was like CBA. So I went to form and ate with everyone else :)

After Lunch...English. OMGGGG I nearly fell asleep. Well, scratch that, I DID FALL ASLEEP. Well, not actually proper asleep like in History in Year Seven (hahah. Such good times. Zara was trying to wake me up), I put my sheet in front of my face and closed my eyes...
And then Science, we went to the Photography Studio to use the computers, but then Cam blew his up by accident (the same one I was using this morning funnily enough), and all the computers turned off and Miss Rose couldn't fix it. Having said that, she can't even use Print Screen properly, so I don't know what use she would be.
Love yaz Miss Rose.

After school, Erin and I got the bus. She is totally a part of the bus crew now. We started Schnop the new Pingu religion with Sarah (: Then we got the train (bit of a long wait but oh well) and then got a Shakeaway. Found a cool named one - George. It's Reese's Cups with extra chocolate and loads of cream on top!! SOOOO COOL. Then I got TeenVogue and Elle. And went to Quiz to chat about Work Experience. Forgot my forms though (DOH!) but they said I deffo got it! Wahoo! Then went to Primark to get some £1 tights for Halloween, and then we went to this bookshop. And then missed our train so we read our mags and then got a new one. And we want to start a charity/fundraiser thing called Yellow Rose to fight anorexia. We're gonna sell jewelery and stuff at school - so look out for that peoples! =D

Not much else to report...
There's depressing stuff going on but I can't talk about it on Tinternet peeps :(

oh well.
ciao ciao

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