Thursday, 22 October 2009

photography times

I'm in Photography with Jenny, and she has FINALLY figured out (after like 20 goes) how to put this cat on a new york skyline. Woooh. Fingers crossed she doesn't screw up now!

So far I have done... nothing. But I'm bored because I've done the cat thing, and I don't know which picture to emulate next... the blonde (Billie) or the black and white one (Zara)??? ^^
I'm so glad that Blogger works on the school computers and isn't blocked :)
Oooooh yeah there was some beeeef before school with Molly and Sophie HAHAHA Sophie was pretty funny but I guess I'll stay out .... !
Miss Rose is here, I'll leave.
ciao ciao
-OMG THEY DONT HAVE THE 'tm' (as in .. tegan marlow..) on these computers! DAMN.
(it's not the same...)

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