Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i got bare ears.

hehe, check the bear ears hair ^^
Also, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I don't know anyone who is affected by it or anything, but I'm not doing a marathon or anything like that, so I thought I would promote it via teganontoast :]

Anyway, I'm a bit annoyed atm. My mum's in such a mood for some reason. We were discussing my Work Experience and jobs and stuff and I told her about London Fashion College and how they do a Fashion Journalism thing, and my Mum literally nearly threw up and yelled stuff like 'YOU COULD GO TO OXFORD WHY WOULD YOU THROW THAT ALL AWAY.... I hate *grimace* ... FASHION....*fake puke* and stuff like THISSSS..." picking up SHE magazine, gingerly. I mean, I don't even like SHE that much, it's sort of for middle aged mums, you know. The ones who try to stay young. I didn't buy it - Syl did! I tried explaining I would NOT be working at a magazine like that. But ohhhh NO, I HAVE to go Oxford!! Well I would like to go to Oxford but my Mum actually thinks I could pass the Oxbridge. Ha. If it was just English then maybe. Is it just English? I mean, on second thoughts I don't really want to write about fashion in journalism. Fair enough a fashion magazine, but there is other stuff besides fashion in them that I could write about. I wouldn't really want to work with fashion because that would sort of take all the fun out of it if it was my job. I dunno.

But anways, RANT OVER!
I had Interhouse first thing today. I suck lollies at badminton - seriously. I can't serve. People laugh at me. Zara and I were a twosome, and we decided to try to get away with doing nothing but it didn't work with Plunkett on patrol. At least we got to chat to Kate and Katherine ... and Sophie, before she got moved! Katherine and I took rather a long time to pack away and get changed so we didn't really have a Break. Consequently, Erin, Jess and me were snaffling crisps/pitta bread in Maths, and doing the old 'yeah.. I understand' nod. But I did get it :) Cos Jess wrote down how to do it, it's easeh really.

Uggggh Philosophy and Ethics after that. Why are there so many yucky subjects? Like Geoggers. I can't believe Eileen wants to swap French (ooh la la) for Geography (yawn yawn snore)! I mean, qu'est que la point?! Who cares about coastal erosion for crying out loud!? Aheee.. sorry all you Geographers out there =D
And yeah. Phizza and Ezza. Fair enough if we were doing Philosophy and Ethis, learning ethical things an'at. But we're just doing Christian geshizzle! Timmsy finally caught on that I don't actually care. She didn't have to make it public though. Oh, well.

Lunch was sort of disturbing for various reasons. I can't say because Sophie might lynch me. Even though I am taking her to Florida! Meh. I'm not that harsh. Nanny P popped in as well briefly so he could do his Welsh chav impression that cracks me up.
Apr├ęs...(yeah I have a Mac so I can do those delightful accents) Drama. I nearly wee'd myself. Like Pinga - you know, the little sister of Pingu. Anyways. We were performing our monologues. As in, acting all aloney. I seriously FAILED. I just rushed it all. And there were some really good people. Like Kam and Harriet. I gave myself 59/80. Because, to be fair, at least I remembered my lines.

Then in French I said I would send Matt a postcard from a Basingstoke lift tomorrow. Yeahhh.
Anddd then I had deep convos (well, er, not really) with Tim on Das Bus before going home and walking His Lordship and coming home to do my CV which I found out I don't even need to do because it's the same stuff on the FORM. *sigh*

I hope things clear up.
I'm gonna go do Neil's blog, in case anyone saw the links on the Science desks.

ciao ciao

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