Tuesday, 20 October 2009


First of all - got off the phone with Quiz in Basingstoke, and on Thursday I'm going in for a chat with Kerry about Work Experience! Wooh! Because all the other shops (Topshop, River Island, H&M, Zara, Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins, Diamonds and Pearls TO NAME A FEW) totally rejected me! Hmph! But now I got something! In a clothing shop, in Basingstoke which is what I wanted! Wow. Polite phone calls get you a long way!

And I did my hair differently on Monday I no longer have my middle parting which looked sort of gay on me, I have a side one now which is pretty cool I think. It's less messy :) ^^ Thing is, like, 2 people noticed. But whatever.

UGGHHH first thing Maths. But at least I sit next to Erin. Miss Clay didn't put the heating on (I think it might have broken or something because she definitely realised. She was wearing that charming fur coat of hers), so we huddled under Erin's sexy purple Topshop coat to stay warm. And this was ALL LESSON. So it was pretty cool. Then in English Zara and I devised a new form of rapping through our noses. But you have to get the beat right.
After break was Double History and we did an assessment and I couldn't remember ANYTHING about trials or punishments. I mean what was sanctuary if not a bird cage? And the benefit of the clergy? What?! Everyone wrote like 3 double sided sheets and I only did 1! :3

At Lunch we practised our Shaker's Drama performance. Oooh performing on Friday! That reminds me - my monologue tomorrow. AHHHH. I know my words, but I don't know how to act it out or anything :S
Then Science. Miss Dunn is so annoying. She's so stupid, she decided to move people because they were talking, but she didn't actually move us around, she just moved us a row back. So we could still talk cos we were with the same people! Plus her neck and her face was like BRIGHT RED apart from an area around her mouth. It was so wierd. And then Photography, we tried to put this picture of a cat on the New York skyline. It was so wierd.

I couldn't figure out how to spell repetitive. But then I looked it up.
Ooh. Um...

BILLIE IS COMING ON FRIDAY NIIGHTTTT!! AAAAHHHH!! I so can't wait! We're gonna go to London! =D Wahoo!

That reminds me, I need to cash my cheque in, quick! I'll do it when I'm in Basingstoke on Thursday talking about my WORK EXPERIENCEEEEE! Wheeee..

ciao ciao

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