Sunday, 18 October 2009

celebration of love

Didn't update yesterday, 'cos I was at a wedding ^^ Did you guys know that Novotels are so posh? I thought they were crappy (well, the Belgian ones are deffo!) but they have seriously stepped up! This wedding was held in one, and it was pretty swanky. There were fairy lights, and a band, and we danced the night away! I'm wearing Zara's dress. It's soooo cute! It's from Punkyfish, but I'm not sure if it's still in stock :]

When I got to the hotel, I had like an hour to kill before the ceremony. My parents weren't going to the ceremony, so it was just ME in my very own hotel room! Well, needless to say, there was bed roly-polying and jumping around. Then I got ready >.<
During the reception, Amy (my second cousin) and I came up there and I had a cup of tea and we stuck a note on the wall with toothpaste... hehe =D

Then we parrttiiiiieeeeed until like 1.30am before going to beddybyes. Then up at the crack of dawn the next day, before brekkers was even being served at the hotel! I ask you! That's what happens when you're dog's at "boarding school" and you have a panto rehearsal to get to and you're like 4 hours away mwhahahaha.

So I got home and went to sleeeeeeeeppp. Well it wasn't a sleep. I was sort of just lying in bed thinking of many a thing. And then Dad made me to go to panto rehearsals even though I had MAJOR CBA. But I went and I'm glad I did because I found THE COOLEST iPOD TOUCH APP EVER! If you have an iTouch... then download 'Waterslide' it's free, and addictiveeee :]

And then I read and shizz. And now my cousins and my aunt and my grandparents are in das haus. I got bored of playing with Duplo in two languages so I came up here.

OMGGG I really want a Fifi Lapin tee. But they're only available in the USA! Curses!

ciao ciao

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