Friday, 16 October 2009

excuse my french

AHHH I followed a link on Erin's blog and found the cooolest necklace ever! It says 'excuse my French'... is that not perfect for me ?!?!

So today started with English and we talked about things that made us chuckle. And then Science. Erin wasn't there, she was on the Geoggers trip :( But we had a test so I couldn't have talked to her anyway. OMG it was so hard! seriously. CONFUSING.

And after break .. double Drama. Hannah wasn't there so we ran through it without her a few times, and then with Kam as her which was pretty funny! And then we played Splat and I TOTALLY won. Well the winner wasn't actually announced. But I like to think it was me.

In Maths Erin wasn't there so it was kinda depressing but at least I understood the work! Then in Functional Skills... we did.. well NOTHING. Planned to meet up with Nathaniel and Tim at the jumps after school so I could do some macho macho digging.

Then after school Mum and I went into town to get me a dress for the wedding demain, but there was NOTHING in Fleet - as usual! So I went to Zara's and nabbed one off her.
When I got back I grabbed Rufus and went to go meet Tim and Nathaniel but when I got there, only these random people I didn't know were there, and my phone was out of battery so I couldn't text them. Meh. So I went home instead :)
And then Mum was all WHERES RUFUS'S IDENTITY CHIP and I realised it had come off his collar at the station so I just went and RAN all the way there and back and now my chest feels heavy. If I have a cold it's her fault.

Lisa Milo and Maya are arriving today =D
And then tomorrow .. WEDDING!
So I need to charge the 'Pod for the looonnggg drive to Manchester.

ciao ciao

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