Thursday, 15 October 2009

Colours and Thursdays

This morning, after going to the orthodontist, Mum and I went to Colours to find a dress for the wedding on Saturday. We found these two, and another two, that I can't for the LIFE OF ME find on any websites! Grrr!
I really liked the other one. I am also loving the cardi above the dresses, even though I can't wear that to the wedding and it's like maaaajor expensive. So I'll probably wear the one Erin made - Topshop look-a-like.. but for free!

I missed nearly all of double Photography because of my Farnham outing. But I managed to save my recreation to my area so she can see it in the future. And then double PE .. ping pong.. except this time with MUSIC wooh.

And yeah. At Lunch we signed up for MUN - Model United Nations. It's this event that's happening at the school in November - you get into teams of three, and get allocated a country. You then assume the role of spokespeople from that country. And you have to dress up and everything! So can't wait!

And um. English and Science. In English.. dont you think Dareid is a cool name? Sort of Mexican...but can also be chavvy too haha! Don't even ask how that came about...!!
And in Science Erin and I sung Joseph. I had a man voice and she had a lovely little high back up voice ...

And ever since I got in from school I have been in the kitchen reading or scibbling with my new pen. I'm not joking - it's an amazing pen. My mum bought it today from Pullingers - possibly her favourite shop. They all know her in there. It sells art supplies.

So now I have finally been given FREEDOM.. and I have two pieces of homework due tomorrow me thinks.

But I'll go down and say hello to Guy (my granddad) who has just arrived =)

ciao ciao

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