Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ice skating and jabs and such

Above is my recreation of that picture ^^ Hmmm.. nice..! Looks kinda different as they don't flow together and I don't think we were allowed to edit them.. but oh well!

Anyway. Today I had double Physics first, and Erin and I wrote our will in case we die from the cervical cancer jab. (We didn't) Then I actually had the cervical cancer jab (Year Ten Da Vinci Girls were first...), and this woman was talking to me about my jewelery and accessorize and then all of a sudden she puts this needle in my arm! OK... it only hurt for like a second. It wasn't that bad. What was bad was the paaaiiiin that followed. I couldn't lift my left arm cos it hurt when I did.

Then Maths. I just informed people on the jab. Then Philosophy and Ethics. We debated what to call Shamim. SHAHmim, or Shameeem. (:
At lunch Jess's Mum kindly brought her stuff in for my Photography work and I took the pic, and then I did Kate's French homework but I didn't finish it.

Then I had Drama.. our piece is coming along pretty well, except we have only one more lesson to practise before the performance. And Hannah won't be there. GAY. Anyway, Clare and I went kinda crazy from the jab and were singing Slaaaavee For You! with actions and everything. And I had a fit with Ian because I couldn't find a coathanger.
And then in French I asked Matt why he was Spanish.
After French Kate was like 'I'm fuuuckkedddd' cos she got an after-school because she didn't do her homework..

And then I walked the dog, made my dinner, ate my dinner, and got ready for ice skating in like..three quarters of an hour. It was impressive, I must say.
Then at ice skating it was kind of difficile, parce que I couldn't lift my arm. But I still.. PASSED!! Wooooo! I am now Passport - Bronze! Yayyyy! Serious Skating!

And I just did my Photography, and yeah.
Tomorrow.. DOUBLE PE (: WOOO! And.. Double Photography! And NO MATHS. Ahhh. I so love Thursdays! I used to hate them last year but now they are almost as sexy as Tim's kitchen. Sorry. I do go on. But it is AMAZING.

ciao ciao

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