Saturday, 7 November 2009

pictures i have found this morning

Owls are adorable ^
Ahhh, I wanna do THIS for my next Photography project ^
These will be served at my wedding, bien sur ^
So cute. This makes me think of the brand Roxy ^
I just love this so much, might be my fave ^
coolest Halloween costume ever?! ^

I want our school to look like that ^^

oh wowzers. I have found some amazing pictures. OK I said no more fontastic surprises but I like this one :)
Anyway, these two pictures are mine.
The one of me was taken today so you all know my awesome glasses/vintage shirt (£2 from Camden Market!) shizzen going on which is making me happy, and also some coolio shoes I found for £5 in the Dorothy Perkins sale! Guess Bella's not the only one finding bargains eh!

Me today ^
Couldn't have said it better myself ^


Kiki said...

Well hi! This is awkward. But a ways back I very randomly found your blog and fell in love with your posts. I bookmarked it because I didn't notice that the following box was at the bottom of the page, and for some reason felt too weird to comment as well.

But, I think your blog is really amusing and hilarious so I tagged you in an award on my blog! I've probably come off as a total creeper now, sorry!

Enjoy your day!

oilstein said...

never knew you liked laduree? that's crazzzy man- the macarons are to die for! xx

tegan said...

er, I just found the picture... i don't go macaroon shopping in my spare time haha :D hope you're feeling better eileeeeeeen x
and kiki .. i totally followed you after that. x

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I love your blog, too. Thanks so much for the sweet comment.

Adore your vintage glasses.

debs. said...

RE to your comment - not creepy at all! J'adore new commenters =)

first picture, girl with the balloon, quote = lovelovelove.

Crystal Ball said...

You are so sweet <3
These photos are all very beautiful and inspiring. I really like that vintage top you're wearing and the quote you chose is so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!

tegan said...

the vintage glasses are from Punkyfish, I'm glad SOMEONE likes them! All my family don't want to be seen with me as I wear them all the time -.-