Friday, 6 November 2009

"i'm a firework technician."

I'm sticking with my good old Arial font guys. No more wacky fontastic surprises. (heheh) So today is Friday - wahoo, weekend awaits! Well this weekend I'm going ice skating at 9am. Yeah I have to be there at 9am - meaning getting up at like 7am. Ughhhh. The things I do for ice skating. It is my first lesson in Passport Bronze so I'm excited! :)

Even though Hannah ditched me. Haha. Joking.

Today I actually managed to get up when my alarm told me to - I am so proud. Seriously. I got up and went downstairs and my Mum was like 'Tegan?! What time is it?!' so I told her '6.15am' (because it was) and she was like 'ahhhh I need a shower' and scooted in there before me. So I went an snoozed in her bed. Ha.
First I had English. Which was fun. OK it really wasn't. Me and Nathaneal were like...yeaaaahh. Cos Tim has bronchitis appazza and Eileen's just always ill haha. You think she'd update her blog but nooooo. Anyway after English I had a Physics exam which is like FAIL. Seriously I have FAILED. Wahoo Foundation GCSE all the way!! There was one question that said 'all over the country power lines are connected together with transformers. What is this called?' I mean honestly - errr, THE NATIONAL GRID. Haha we have that drummmmed into us in lessons.

Then after Break (I never talk about Break and Lunch because... well, I dunno, I can never remember what happens! Well I'll talk about this Lunch because stuff did happen. ANYWAY.) I had Double Dramaaaaaa (wooh) ... Kam and Harriet were away so it was just me and Robert. So Ainsley came with us and we managed to do Three Little Pigs with only 2 pigs. Chee ^-^

At Lunch we did the Secret Santa redraw. Quite a few times. Me and Jess swapped, and now I have - oh, well, I can't tell. But I know who has me. So I'm really really happy - this is gonna be the best Christmas ever! =D
Errrm... after Lunch was Maths (boooooring) and then IT where I delivered Jess's assessment and people were reading my blog and Dom sat with us which was cool :]

Then I went on a grand quest for my coat. I knew it wasn't in Maths so I went to Form and Lost Property but it wasn't in either of them so I just went home.
I was talking to Rosie on the bus and apparently when she was Gold level ice skating they tried to get her to lose weight. Oh em gee what if that happens to me?!!

Then I looked after Lord M of W (Rufus, my puppy. His Pedigree name is Lord Marlow of Wishingly. Haha. You gotta love it.) I finished my book, The Pact, and it is sooooo good. I feel like I know Emily and Chris, hahahaha. I'm returning it tomorrow, right on time :)
Then at 6 I went to Erin's and Jess came and after hanging out in Erin's awesome room we went to the Firework display at All Saints. It was a beauty. We wished upon fireworks. It was like Secret Santa all over again - Jess wanted to know what we'd wished for. Erin and I had tried to keep it realistic whereas she wished to be a billionaire HAHA. You gotta love that girl. Then I got a burger and we saw some peeps and then walked back to Erin's where we watched old and embarassing videos, like Kinky Boots getting hit in on the head with an ironing board!! HAHAHAH, it was PRICELESS!!

I realised some things today,
-I enjoy seven seater cars.
-Mrs Clay (Maths Teacher) has some sort of cream on her desk. Lord knows what for.
-I love the sound of fireworks.
-A girl called Courtney put me on her list of blogs she loves, so I'm happy!! Ahhh, that was an amazing discovery by Erin. Wahooooo! I'm so proud :')

I want to write in my Happiness book/diary and then be off to sleepybyes. Early start in the morrrn!

ciao ciao

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