Thursday, 5 November 2009

half day and such

I'm really sad. Seriously. I mean I update EVERY DAY pretty much.
Well today was half day. I was gonna go to Basingstoke with Sophie and Zara and ask Kerry from Quiz to do my forms for Work Experience but she wasn't working today so I thought I would just stay home. But then I went out :)
Anyway I'll start from the beginning of my day that's always best, I find.
Sooo in Form I didn't read out the notices because the Portal was down :( I love doing that. Haha. I'm such a nerd. At least Zara got to sit with me. And it became apparent that Nicole totally loves Theo. I mean come on she always has. And she tried to sit next to him by moving into Preeya's seat and then Preeya came along and was all SCU MEH?! Hahahahah. Beef. You gotta love it.

First I was in Double Photography and we were printing off all the work we've done so far. I found Henry the Hooker in my bag (basically a hook) and Clare and I had endless fun with it. As in, her pretending to be a pirate etc.
Then Double PE. We're all in the same class now because we all took Table Tennis. I have been doing Table Tennis since the start of term now. Apart from the odd random Badminton lesson we have. Seriously I'm gonna be a pro soon. Well you'd think that but I never actually play haha. Today we tried to do yoga in the corner but Michelle ruined it for us. Being a retard. Calling us ugly. And hitting us with paddles. That girl will never get laid.

Anyway that was mean but she is a very annoying girl I'm afraid. After Table Tennis we had form and Zara sat with me :) And then I met up with Erin and Jess and we went to Starbucks to revise for our Physics exam tomorrow. OMG I really should revise. Today in Starbucks was like - the only revision I've done on Physics ... :S But yeah. I had the Toffee Nut Latte. It is heaaavveeennly. Mmmmm. We had comfy chairs and everything, it was awesome. We planned to go out tomorrow for the Fireworks at All Saints School. Hopefully I can go :) And on Sundays we wanna go to the Library to do Maths Revision because those months where we sat together weren't entirely good for our learning, shall we say. I was gonna get the bus back because it would be quick and I had to be quick to be in time to look after the dog - but the bus was taking ages so I walked home with my heavy satchel, my PE kit, and heels. And no coat. In the freezing cold.

I was reading someone's blog, I think it was A Cup of Jo, and I found this thing about this autistic artist who took a twenty minute helicopter ride over New York and then drew the entire skyline exactly from memory. Like every tiny little detail, all the dimensions correct ^^ See the pic above.

Then I read my book (OMG GETTING SOOOOOO GOOD) - The Pact by Jodi Picoult. It's awesome. I read it for like HOURS straight whilst looking after Rufus.

well, I really should do some revision now.
Whilst listening to Mozart - appazza that's good.

ciao ciao

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