Sunday, 8 November 2009

only six minutes...

I think my hair looks nicer when it's wet than when it's dry...

..GAN. ;)
I have six minutes to update my blog.
Because in six minutes I must put the oven on. Then after fifteen minutes, I have to put the chicken in. Yeah, I'm so addicted to blogging I'm doing it in my six minute time gap between showering and a favour for the parents.

So I was washing my face earlier (HAHA. That's normal, "so I was washing my face earlier...") and when I was trying to rinse off the Neutrogena my hair kept getting in the way. There was still face wash on my face and I was scrabbling around the bathroom floor with my eyes stinging of Neutrogena and not daring to open them whilst trying to find a hairband on the floor with my eyes shut. In the end I had to wipe them with a towel.

I got out of bed at 12.41 today.
I have loads of books to read 'cos yesterday I went to the library-just sorted out the oven and put the timer on for 15 minutes BTW :D- with Erin Jess and Sophie and got like 5 books out heheh. You gotta love the library. Then Jess left when we went to the Post Office and found UP MAGAZINE, YES, A MAGAZINE DEVOTED TO THAT AMAZING FILM! IT HAD A GRAPE SODA BADGE AND EVERYTHING! Then Sophie left the Library and then it was just me and Erin and we went back to hers and had an emotional chat etc. and looked at awesome blogs. Found one called Kiki Kaleidoscope because she said she liked mine, which made me happy. Even gave me some sort of award or something I'm not sure. Whatever, it made me very happy! Meheeee :) WHAT WAS THAT.

Anyway after Erin's I went home and then went to Fireworks Night at Dave and Taras with the Reading Crew! :D We were starting beef with their neighbours because they had such feeble fireworks and they kept putting them on after us so I was like 'COME ON DENN!!!!' and then everyone else was like 'No.' Especially Maman who seemed pretty embarrassed.

We roasted marshmallows, had dinner, people took the piss out of my glasses, taught the adults how to use Bluetooth, that sort of was good to see Kerry after such a longacus timeacus. SHE MAKES ME PUT ACUS ON THE ENDS OF WORDS - DONT ASK ME.

And my parents have gone walkies with His Lordship and his new friend Harvey. He'll be very pleased because Harvey is a big dog, and Rufus is a small one, but Rufus likes big dogs because he pretends to be them. He's probably got mud on EVERYONE by now...sigh.

Well, I'll go read my books now. I got one about a woman who starts a bakery, one about Pareeee, one about anorexia, one about this American school, and one about ... er... oh I can't remember. But the one about the American school is really odd. But it makes me wanna go to school in America. Ahh the no uniform... the long lockers... the desks that you can put things in...*drools* oh Tegan. Get a grip on yourself.

"I'll say tartar then."
Quote from PANTO wooh.

ciao ciao


debs. said...

you're so pretty :)

the girl with the satchel said...

Awesome you wore your glasses to the fireworks, well done you are making nerds cool dude !!! And obs the commenting thing is working you are now getting alot of comments from unknowen awesome people. You dream of being a famous blogger will come true : ) Oh Tegan thanks you sooooooooooo much for everything yesterday, I soo soory I let it all out on you and everyhting, I love you soooo much.
You are postively and simply de lovely

tegan said...

debs - ahh no way. black and white - it's all a facade.

erin - hell yeah! kerry, theo, and this old guy all tried them on! (not at the same time... :D) Haha yeah, eight followers - I'M WORLDWIDE, BABY! Awww Erin it's OK, I could tell you needed me so it's all cool as long as everything works out, I love you a lot a lot a lot. DE LOVELY! theee phrase.
see you tomorrow you stylish girl,

Kiki said...

Ohhhhh school in American is not all that great! I know books and MTV and all make it seem like fun all the time. But it's LIES. I haven't had a desk you can put things in since I was like 9.

Glad my award made you happy :]

tegan said...

yeah, it's true about Falsenessesss or whatever. In England it looks really posh and everyone wears blazers and we drink tea but we DON'T. OK we do drink tea. And some of us wear blazers. But other than that you just get chavs running around saying "innit blud". Krh. Plus the grey skies aren't too good...