Sunday, 8 November 2009

irregular choice

I have just remembered how awesome these shoes are.
Irregular Choice for all!

Also, I found a VPC on Ebay!!! And when I say VPC I mean, yes, a Vintage Polaroid Camera! For £16.99, including P+P! Now I have to beg the parents to let me buy it. Mum will probably think I'm spending all my money again (er, isn't that the point?) but I asked Dad and he told me to check out how much the film is for them before I actually get it...
I'll go to Fleet Photographic soon then. Before somebody else snatches it!!

I can't believe I have posted TWICE in one day. That shows how lacking in a life I am. I think I might have some French homework, and they have that new "zero tolerance" affair going on in the Languages maybe I should run along and do that. Yesss...

ciao ciao

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the girl with the satchel said...

hey dude lovin the shoes and the I have sooo
wanted a vpc camera for ages but dude the film costs like £1 per photo !!!!! look on ebay for film too, I think it would be a bit cheaper then, love u dude xxx