Monday, 9 November 2009

no polaroids for me.. :(

Darnit. I lost my coat, so I have to buy a new one. No polaroid cameras then, sniff sniff... :'(
Today I had to wear Mum's coat to school. But it was OK. I prefer it to my old one actually, I love how it's too big for me haha.

I had English first. It was good because Tim's back now, and Erin moved to sit next to me so it was awesome =)
Then Science where we did our ISA's (In School Assessments) But who cares about that?!
After Break was Double French. Matt wasn't there, (aw man) so I was talking to Katherine. But then we had to do pairwork so she moved me next to Katherine Bett which was good because a.) she's really nice and b.) she kicks ass at French. I'm supposed to, but I don't acutally. People think I do, but I get really confused...
That doesn't justify the heinous crime that Eileen committed though.

At Lunch I had fun talking to Katherine's shin (a.k.a Larry) and making Zara drop a section of granola bar. Meh. She had it coming after she SQUEEZED MY YOGHURT.
After Lunch I rolled on down to see my homies in History. OK, I have homies in History. But it's funny anyway because Miss Jones is hilarious haha. I got a B in my assessment which is pretty good. I mean - I beat Tim. And that's all that matters...
Then, er, Maths. Ugh. I hate Maths. Miss Clay ruined my whole entire life. I don't think she realises how responsible she is for my sadness on 6th period on a Monday. Yeah. She doesn't realise the IMPACT she has had on me.
Yeah, you keep using that cream (whatever it's for...) and don't think about the WELFARE OF YOUR STUDENTS. OK, shutting up...

Then I looked after His Lordship. I read my stack of books, and had my duvet there because it was so fffreeeeeezzzing. This caused me to doze off for a while, only to awake when I hear Rufus yapping because he lost his damn toy. Which meant I had to GET UP. Yeah MY LIFE SUCKS hahahaha. Then I had Drama. We ditched our "Jonah and the Grampus" piece because it wasn't going too well and so we decided just to focus on our Holidays thing. I miss being Assistant Blowhole. But whatever.

On Radio 1 they were doing this thing about names in songs. Theo told me to text in "do you have Tegan?" but ... I didn't. Now I regret it. I could have been FAMOUS. *sigh*, reading other people's blogs/facebooking prevails!

ciao ciao

P.S: Awesome word = "WIZMICAL"

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