Sunday, 29 November 2009

it's 11.41 and I'm still in my pyjamas.

how cute is that?! I just wanna cuddle him!

I don't know what came over me yesterday!
Well, it started off normal...
I woke up at 7.30am (ugh, I know) to go ice skating, then afterwards went straight to rehearsals for my show in the evening, and then as soon as I got home I watched Gossip Girl (aahhhh, so good! I so hope everything works out for Jenny after bloody Agnes - OK, get over it Tegan) and then went to bed and just lay in bed all day. I slept for a while, but most of the time I Just lay there. For HOURS. Quite therapeutic actually. But anyways, Mum came up and gave me some tea and then I finally emerged for dinner. And then to shower and get dressed for the show.

The show was SO GOOD! My group was on first, we did this thing about holidays. It was so hard not to laugh, especially when the audience were laughing! Becky and Bella's group were soooo funny!! They were doing the Performing Arts, and they did 'WestEnders' which was a soap parody, it was so so so funny, but the best bit was this opera bit where a few of them randomly leapt across the stage going 'SHE'S A MAN SHE'S A MAN!!' ohhh, legend times. And then Ellie, Fran, and Katie did their solo pieces, and I was the WHISTLE BACKSTAGE. Awww yeah. On the third 'peep' though I had to do it really half heartedly, but I was so quiet nobody heard it :( Oh well. I kept my whistle for a souveneir...
Then Theo's performance. It was so good, even though it was really long. Made me LOLLLL somewhat!!

And we won some Belgian Chocolate in the raffle.

and now I'm STILL in my pyjamas.

ciao ciao

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