Sunday, 29 November 2009

my wishlist - he's legible now.

my previous wishlist was a bit on the small side, so I'm hoping this one is better...

1.) some sort of SLR camera

2.) Harajuku Lovers Perfume - "Love" (or whichever one smells the best, I went for the cutest character+name, I haven't actually sniffed them yet...heheh)

3.) Tinted moisturiser. Nuff said.

4.) Dry shampoo - for greasy emergencies!

5.) Dollars for Florida!

That's all I want.
Well, that's not all that I want, but if I wanna go to Florida with some MONEY, then I can't ask for much more or they'll be nobody to give me dollars :(

1 comment:

Kiki said...

Heeee, cute wish list. Must get dry shampoo. Yes.

Ohhhh how I would love to go to Florida right now. When and why are you going? x