Saturday, 28 November 2009

erin jessica rimmer

AWWW Erin posted the cutest thing on her blog last night, all the reasons she loves me!! So I thought it would be only fair if I returned the favour!!

Why I love Erin

-she has great fashion sense
-she makes her own dresses (AHHH awesome)
-she's so modest
-she's a flippin' MODEL
-she's a clarice bean lover
-she has the coolest satchel ever
-she helped create some of the grooviest, gooniest characters known to man!
-she makes so many grammatical errors it is CUTE
-she puts up with Rufus
-she has a LOLWORTHY dad - what a dude!!
-her sister is my numero uno fan (and she beat boxes in her sleep)
-she introduced me to blogging
-she has brogues
-she likes cupcakes
-if there's something awesome and cool - she's heard of it!
-she got us in on a charity event on Oxford Street with TRINNY!! (bummer we couldn't go but oh well!)
-she has really good ideas
-we once stayed up talking for five hours!!
-she works at barnados...that's a good cause!
-she is right now raving it up with an 80 year old
-she had the best party ever!
-she makes me laugh...ALOT.

and much, much more!

i love you erin!!!!
check out her blog guys,
she spells things wrong,
but thats her charm!

ciao ciao

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the girl with the satchel said...

awww dude, I flippin love you , And ha that picture xxx