Friday, 27 November 2009

hug a ginger day!

Today was a good day. I knew this in the morning, because my click was extra-good. I find that if my click is good and strong then it is a good day!

Erm, anyway...
SOOO this morning I woke up with - right. I'm gonna have to explain my sleep-layout. Basically I have like, a pillow, and then five cushions and I prop them all up and then leave them there to sleep. And I woke up with my Mum going "TEGAN! It's ten past seven, get up!' and I had one of my cushions balanced on top of my head like a little roof, which sort of flew across the bed when I sat up, hair flying around.
My hair was good though once I got a brush through it. The curls are STILL THERE now! :D It looked extra-cool when I put a red bow in the back that I got from this flea market in France. Anyway.

First period ... English. We watched more of 'A Christmas Carol' - it is SERIOUSLY CREEPY. The Ghost of Christmas Present, I mean. At one point he lifts up his robe and there are TWO KIDS underneath!! And I don't think he was wearing any CLOTHING!!

Then Science. We did this gross experiment that freaked Jess out, somewhat. Heheh. Then at Break we got to do our AWESOME loo roll trick!! :D Me and Erin invented this amazing trick guys - if you have no loo roll in your cubicle, the person next to you unwinds loads of loo roll and then chucks a whole stream of it over the top and so the person who needs it (i.e, me) can keep on pulling!! Ahhh, it's awesome.

Then I had to leave early from Double Drama to go to.... FRENCH ORALS!! They weren't that bad, actually. I stumbled a bit, but it was OK. It was sort of off-putting having this huge microphone shoved in your face, but whatever! Afterwards she said all the things I had done wrong. :( *sad face*!! But she said I still got a very good mark. OOOH, I can't wait to find out what it was!!
Then in Double Drama we were doing about witchcraft, we had candles and everything. In our piece Hannah was a witch and I was her daughter, turning her in to these witch-hunters, Abbey and Clare. And Deanna was Hannah's daughter. And there was loads of screaming as we dragged Hannah away, very emotional. And it was a totally awesome ending with me going "don't say I didn't warn you" really quietly to Deanna and walking off....spookeh!!

At Lunch, there were some great lines said, which I must repeat for Sophie's sake!! :D

Sophie: FACT OF THE DAY!! At Christmas, the amount of obese people in England rises by 5%.
Jess: You could get chlamidya from your fingernails!!

But then THE FUNNIEST THING happened in Form!! This little Year Seven dude walked in to apologise to Voyvash about being rude in his lesson or whatever, and then Ben this Year Seven in my form was like "Hey! Hey!" waving and trying to get his attention, and this guy behind him was like "who's he?" and Ben snapped around really abruptly and went "MY MATE!!!!!!!" OMG, it was SO FUNNY!! Zara was like "woahhh someone's a bit overprotective!" ah, you had to be there. We were literally crying. I love that kid!! I hugged Paddy once and he was like "WHO'S THAT?!" and always sounds so scandalised when we talk about sex....!!!

Maths and Functional. Ugh. Who actually cares?! Nanny P was being harsh beans on the moon and saying it was National Hug a Ginger day and made a totally grimaced face with an outstretched arm to me. You guys know how I totally do not tolerate (woahh I sound like a teacher...!) people being so immature about a BLOODY HAIR COLOUR. It's like...stop trying to be cool and grow up!! So then he gave me a hug but I didn't hug him back. I whacked with some headphones. And when he said bye to me I just walked away. HAH.

Then we walked to Erin's and got her stuff, then came back here to do our Photography work on eating disorders. It's sooo good, if I do say so myself :D And we saw some LOLtastic pics of me in Belgium. Including me "trying to be Hitler" and also being a giant red square. (Long story)

I'll upload the pics soon,

ciao ciao

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