Monday, 16 November 2009

ill, AGAIN.

Ughhhh. All day I've been at home.
I woke up this morning, told my Mum I feel crap, and she let me off. I slept for aaaages, read a bit of Almost French and ELLE and got some great beauty tips - I really need some tinted moisturiser. Mum got me a duffel coat yesterday, but she also got this wooly hat that's brown with this little pink velvet bow on it. It's so cute. She knows I love the whole chocolate-and-marshmallow colour scheme :D Well, she got it for herself, but she said it didn't suit her so I've sort of stolen it...hehe!

So yeah, Mum said 'I'm fed up with working!' (she's an illustrator, and it proves stressful sometimes) and so we attempted doing this 1000 piece puzzle of the world. We did all of the edges, and the Time Zone thing, and the North+South Poles, but then we gave up. I also did some painting but it's so utterly tacky and terrible I couldn't possibly post pics!

Then I watched like 4 episodes of Friends, including one (GASP!) I hadn't seen before!! Then I just had dinner, and I came on the computer to do my MyMaths, but I really can't do it, the lessons are so bad! I have this wierd pain near my hip, it keeps shooting up whenever I try and move, or breathe too hard.... ugh. But I hopefully will come into school tomorrow, catch up on all the goss! (and my French work... :S) Apparently there was some beef, so I'm gonna call Erin and see what happened...

ciao ciao

P.S: getting a haircut hopefully, pretty short with layers! :D


Maria Confer said...

Even though you were sick, it sounds like you had a pretty wonderful day.

Ooh, I can't wait to see haircut pics.

Kiki said...

Sorry you're sick dear! But in a way a love sick days, they give you a chance to relax and do things you could normally do on a school day. Puzzles are the bessssst!

Feel better x