Tuesday, 17 November 2009

relocation relocation!

Argh. It has to be said : I hate Fleet. I don't want one of those 96.4 The Eagle stickers that say "I <3 Fleet" because I hate it, it's so grey.

Plus my parents are kicking me out of my little attic room (the place I find SANCTUARY in all of the drabness of the rest of the place) when Theo goes to University so they can convert my room into a study, and then have Theo's room as my room! Pff, been there, done that. I love my attic room :( At least with Theo's room I can have a double bed. And a double bed means loads of cushions, wahoo!

So today I had Maths first thing. Yeah, I was back in school. But I got to wear the hat+duffel coat :) There was a lot of beef going on today I guess. Concerning someone hogging one person to themselves and not letting any of her other friends talk to her or phone her or anything and yeah. GRR. So annoying. Just because they want to be known as "her best friend", "the one who has all the information about her", "the ONLY one who can visit her", sorry, but annoyingness. So in Maths we had a cover teacher, and me and Erin and Jess planned our JETaways thing :D Like Shakeaways, but at home...!
Does Miss Clay honestly expect us to do the Maths homework? That woman needs a reality check...!

Then English. 50 minutes of Miss Chow reading 'A Christmas Carol' in her monotone voice. Yeah, you can imagine how that went down.
At Break we continued the beef (sort of) and then Double History where we watched this really wierd video. It had this woman with her boobs like popping out of her dress and then the camera like...zoomed in. Nice. :S Mrs Jones was like "Ben calm down!" haha! It was such a naff video. At the beginning of the lesson we had to wear these tabards on our backs, basically like a sandwich board but only the back... and we had to look at other people's and fill the info on them down onto our tables. It was so funny, Mason's said "Cheap Horses" and Ben went "HAHAH it's Mason's Mum" and he was like... peeing himself laughing. As was Ewan.

In Science we were really bitchy. Well I wasn't. But they were. And...yeah I won't go into detail! But it was harsh! But funny...! She deserved it, let's say. And it wasn't anything like... embarrassing in front of the whole class, just drawing on her homework diary! And it wasn't even me! I'll shut up now... haha, Jess is getting a stripper pole for Christmas! Not for stripping, for excersise hahahaha! Ahhh I love that girl!

OOOOOOH I almost forgot, in Form this morning, me and Zara were lookin' all cool with our matching ELLEs! It was reading day haha >.< And then we were informed that on Friday we have a Mufti day! For all you non-British people, Mufti day is where you wear your own clothes to school... no uniform =D Soooo.... what to wear?? Hmmm.. help! I need to plan tonight! I'll take pictures :]

So then Photography. We have to do a project about a topic we choose. I think I might do anorexia. Yeah, I know, I have a sudden interest in that now - but I'm not anorexic, don't worry guys! I just think it's a major issue that is terrible and can really hurt people (trust me, I know...)

well, enough of that, I have to tidy my room and sort out what I'm wearing!!

ciao ciao


the girl with the satchel said...

haha awesomness yet agian Tegan, wowzer I'm gdoing anorexia for photography too, have u seen that picture where it has the girl lookking in the mirror and it shows a fat person, well yes they was plently of beef today, see u toromow dude, oh and could you come over at 12 instead of 11 because my mum's making me go :( xx

tegan said...

ooh, okays :D oooooohhh you gonna be in BEEEEEF with Mrs Dunn haha nahh it'll be cool Mrs Hallsworth will just be all owly with you heheh. Are you? Coinkydink! Well... Google wasn't working in our lesson, so yea. But I shall google nowage! See if I can find that pic! But what are you doing for the "link"? And I thought we were going to Jess's... ?? xx