Sunday, 15 November 2009

a weekend with erin (and jess)

I actually DIDN'T UPDATE yesterday. Yeah, I know, shocker much! Yesterday, after the ice skating thing, I met Erin and Jess at the station and they told me all the trains were major delayed because of the winds, apparently the ticket guy was like "it's death around the corner!!" so after looking for a bus (there were none) finding out that taxis were £30, and agreeing that Jess's idea of cycling there (yeah, in that weather!) was ridiculous, we saw a train pull in and realised it was ours! So much for a delay! We were still scared because the radio advised people not to ride buses because of the high winds, and we were about to ride one...
So I went to Quiz and finally got my Work Experience sorted out! Huzzah! Then we got the bus (80p!) to the Leisure Park. We then skated our skates off =) I was practising 3 jump like over and over it was awesome, and me and Erin were trying to teach Jess some stuff. We then went to Costa and I got a Cappuccino because Krishy always gets them, so I wanted to try one. It was awesome. Lattes and Cappuccinos are the way to go! They both got Hot Chocolate. Whatever. Then we saw a bus pull in, and seeing as we had take-away cups we went to get on it, but they said you couldn't have coffee on the bus (even though they had Hot Chocolate, but whatever...) so we waited for the next one, and I still hadn't finished mine so I sneakily put my cup in my ice skate in my bag, and then went to the back of the bus to drink it! Oooh, I'm so sly!
Then on the train we saw Ian so we had a good old mothers meeting with him, feeling sort of worried because the winds were supposed to get worse in the evenings! But we survived...
Then we made an impulsive decision (wahoo, I love them!) to all walk back through the High Street, Jess back to hers 'cos she had a firework party to get to, and I was gonna sleep over at Erin's. I got a sausage roll on the way there. :) So at Erin's we made a book of Neil and Alan and ROY and Charles and WHO CAN FORGET - MIKE!! OK nobody will understand, but it was bloody hilarious. Also found the haircut I want in a magazine so I ripped it out to show my hairdresser. Oooooh, short hair, can I handle it? My hair so thick and chunky and basically hench that I can't have it long, seriously, it just fails!
We watched X Factor, but didn't notice Calvin Harris running across with a pineapple on his head during John and Edward's AWESOME PERFORMANCE! (Who would have thought of doing a mash up?!!)
Then Erin's awesome Mum made me some food even though I told her I had had a sausage roll. I love that woman.

Then we watched LOL videos on YouTube then went on the sofa bed in her living room and had like a 5 hour chat until like 4am when we fell asleep haha. In the morning we had CRUNCHY NUT CORNFLAKES for brekkers and an Innocent Smoothie drink where we enjoyed reading the stories of Charlie the horse. Ahhhh. Then Erin's Mum gave us a lift back to mine, and we made DIY Shakeaways with my blender! We had an awesome one with 4 Maryland Cookies, Chocolate Spread, a Kit Kat, Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, a dash of Golden Syrup, and 2 mini Cadbury's Caramel squares, it was so yummy! But then we had gross ones that tasted like playdough and cheese. =/
We started watching Funny Face, an Audrey Hepburn (<3) film which is set mostly in PARIS!! (hence the pic! ^^) Then we realised we were running late for Panto Rehearsal because we had to walk and it started in like 15 minutes! So we got a taxi there :) It would have been so boring had it not been for Melie's iPod with her awesome games like iPint, Pami Jump or something, Sally's Spa, FLUID(!!!), and of course Waterslide, the classic Panto Rehearsal game!!
Then we left early, walked a bit, realised I had left my scarf, went back for my scarf, walked all the way back home, and watched Funny Face whilst doing various chores that my parents called up and asked us to do, like peeling potatoes and carrots (haha Erin's were all hench cos she used a knife) and measuring the width/height of the window in our bathroom!
Mum got me a duffel coat, yay =)

I'm feeling kinda ill. I have to be better for Progress Day!

ciao ciao

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the girl with the satchel said...

haha the pinapple such lols, and MIKE the new love of my life, my carrots were pretty hench lols, whoop whoop you got a duffel coat, love u dude, hope your feeling better xxx