Friday, 13 November 2009


Just got back from an Art Fair. I got loads of awesome free postcards from my wall to cheer me up from the fact that I can't go to London on Sunday with Erin and Zara and Kate and Jess. I actually hate my life. No, I don't hate my life. I hate my dog. I actually want to kill him. And my family. Because if all three of them weren't busy they could look after the damn dog and I could go to London and meet TRINNY and go to Oxford Street and actually finally go to London with my friends. BUT NO. MY LIFE IS FUCKED UP AGAIN BY MY FUCKING DOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the swearing but I AM SERIOUSLY ANNOYED!!!! All the time I have to bloody well NOT GO or COME HOME EARLY for this one fucking puppy, seriously, why can't he just stay at home for like 5 hours?!?!!! OK yeah he can't really do that, but its just ONE DAY jeeeez and I even suggested letting Ainsley look after him but noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! They do not seem to realise this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPURTUNITY AND THAT ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GOING AND I DESPERATELY WANT TO GO !!!!! They're not even SYMPATHETIC!!!! !



the girl with the satchel said...

Dude it's ok, my pearents were the same, so we probs won't go, I'm sure there will be other things , :( It's a ok dude,

tegan said...

ooh ok, i thought like ... you were deffo going, so if nobody else can go thats ok! x