Thursday, 12 November 2009


Today was probably the funniest day EVER.
In PE, Michelle had to go in our group, and Zara and Kate had to go with Matt Fenn, whoever he was with, I can't remember. But anyway, Michelle was like, starting beef with us!! I went against her, in a singles game, and then after I WON (ohh yeah haha) she went 'UHHH!!' and threw a piece of rubber peeled off a ping pong paddle at me. I was like 'er, was that supposed to hurt?'. Then I drew Neil the Hunchback (check out his blog here), my little cartoon character that I made with Erin, and she called it a sheeps dick, then a booh-bah (this kids TV character thing in England)!! So I we basically got in a massive argument because Neil is a hunchback of course, and a poledancer by night, so Michelle was like "how can he poledance if he's a hunchback?!!!" I mean, some people are just SPECIAL. Then she broke one of the table tennis tables, and got in trouble, especially with the chavs, who started MORE beef with her. If you don't know by now, starting beef is like starting an argument/fight with someone. So that was one example of beef.

Then at lunch we looked out the window and saw the Year Eights that constantly look like they're in a bitch fight. Seeing as we're under strict instruction not to open the windows, we wrote a sign saying "are you startin' beef?" At that moment, Miss Anwar, the headteacher of the whole school, walked in!! She saw my English book being used a sign, and then we told her all about how we have a little joke going with the Year Eights. She took the book and said "do you like beef?" in a really posh voice, reading it! We almost cried!! Then Erin said "miss, do you like beef?" and she said "no, I'm a vegetarian," then she chuckled and walked out.

Then in English...meh. We're doing a Christmas Carol. Whatevs. ONTO...MORE BEEF!! In Physics, Jess told us that Miss Cho (Canadian/Chinese English teacher)has been arrested because she put a chair through someone's foot!! Well, she probably hasn't been arrested but LOLZ ANYWAY!! And then Ben Shrubshall startin' beef with Mr Wilbraham in Science. Oh, it's such juicy gossip, you gotta love it! So we made today National Beef Day. HAHA.

Well that was a pretty harsh post. But still. Michelle ANNOYS ME. You would be annoyed too, right??

Then I looked after Rufasa. Mum was down there and said I had a few minutes escape from the kitchen, but she's still down there.
Hmmm. Anyway, I'm reading these books right now:
-Almost French by Sarah Turnbull (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! About a Sydney journalist who moves to Paris and starts a new beautiful life there. It's so inpsiring. It's a true story, as well. And I can so relate to it. Seriously, it's scary how much I understand her. It's a travel memoir, BTW.)
-Election by.... er, I dunno. Can't remember. Some bloke. But good, very fast paced, and makes me wanna go to school in America.
-Slim to None about anorexia, another true story, haven't got very far in that yet.
-Sophie's Bakery for the Broken Hearted - haha, this is sad but awesome.
-My Sisters Keeper. Well, I haven't started reading it yet, but it's on my pile!!

As you can see, I am a total bookworm...!! Gonna get back to 'Almost French'. It's so pretty. Even though there are no pictures... hmm. You know what I mean.

ciao ciao

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Roxie-Rose said...

I just want to say how that made me laugh a lot. I guess you do learn something new everyday - People in England use the word 'beef'. Haha. :)
I love your blog too.
Roxie-Rose. x