Wednesday, 11 November 2009

hahaha - my first entry!!

Oh my God... I remember my first blog post. When my blog was white with no pictures and I didn't have a header and nobody - not even ONE PERSON- read it. Aww. You gotta start somewhere, right guys? Not that this is such a huge achievement, I have like eight followers. But you know.

"So, this is my first blog entry.
And i have to say, if you don't have braces, then you are probably the luckiest person I know. Unless I don't know you. In that case, you're just really really lucky.
I recently had an encounter with swans, now they're not so good either. They're not as bad as braces, because braces, well, they're there 24/7, swans just sort of stay in the water...but blimey. Once they get their beady eyes on your dog/best friend, they will hiss and get their posse of (literally) 30 odd to harass you.
What. Am. I. On. About.
I'm talking. About swans.
But another thing that really Grinds My Gears, so to say, is when people can't be bothered to use actual English when typing. Now I'm up for a bit of LOL, or whatever, but 'bbz' and 'yhoo', which is actually more letters than the proper word for you, is simply too far. Because lets face it. Nobody types like that anymore MATE.
Woah. This is a very slate-y blog, is it not?
Ho hum. That's life, the vicious circle, samsara, whatever...
Oh I really am talking a load of crap now aren't I?

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my pet peeves.

I'll let you fine people get back to your lives, instead of reading this utter nonsense."



ciao ciao

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Maria Confer said...

LOL, I love this!! We all have to start somewhere!!