Wednesday, 11 November 2009

the bossy pig

That's what I want my hair to be like ^^ But no. Even when last night I put my hair in one huge plait that sat on top of my head and slept like that, my hair just went flat by the time I was at school. Grrrr. More about hair later when I get to first period - Double Physics.

OK well...yeah. Today I wore my pinafore to school, when I don't think you're allowed to. But I wore my jumper over the top, so it just looked like I was wearing a skirt. Then, in form, Miss Voyvash said that she would be getting a new seating plan =/ I was just starting to enjoy form now that Zara is behind me. Grrs. We also got a new addition to our form. Hmmm.

So yeah, double Physics. It was just me, Jess, and Katie because Erin was at a funeral :( We actually GOT the work. And I realised I want hair like Katie's! So I'm gonna get pictures of her and then like... give them to Hayley, my hairdresser.
After Break was Maths. We had a two minute silence 'cos it's Rememberance Day. Apparently Jackson laughed - harsh!! Maths was gay, as usual. Then Philosophy and Ethics. We got our exams back... Nothing about my pingu remark though. Hmmm. Katherine and I found a rather hilarious and suggestive picture on Miss Timms's wall, which contrived LINE OF THE DAY: "They don't believe in masturbation, but they believe in giving head!!"
After Lunch was Drama. We had to do "anti climax" on our Three Little Pigs thing. But ours was crap cos it actually ended in a climax and we were sort of in the corner. And afterwards everyone was just silent. I was like "uh huh...awkward". But we made up for it by doing an awesome B&Q thing!!
Then in French we found out that we're doing a speaking exam soon! Eek! We also found out that on Progress Day we don't have to do any work, we just have to revise and shizzle cos we're Year Ten! Wahoo! So I can revise then, I guess. Ahhhhhhh, why can't we be tested on mouthing Lady Gaga songs when alone in the kitchen? I can do that!! In fact, I was doing it like ten minutes ago! Wahoo!

I got the bus back home. I just sat by myself, but it was kind of enjoyable, wierdly. Looked after His Lordship for a tiny bit before Mum took me to Solo Drama. It was so cool. We lay on the floor in Anne's living room doing breathing exercises. And we went round saying "hello" in different ways. Kate would have loved it =) And following that, we had to do little skits where we could only say ONE WORD throughout the whole of it, and no others. So a whole conversation saying only "no", "yes", or "oh". It was so good!

Then I raved whilst cutting up vegetables. I'm waiting for Theo to get back so I can cook the rest of the meal - it involves frying. Mum won't let me fry again after the Pancake Day Incident of '05. (I fried my hand. Nice.)

So now I have made the dog nice and calm. I think it was Kiss Radio. Yeah...totally. So I've left him, I hope he doesn't ruin the sofa or anything.

ciao ciao

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