Friday, 13 November 2009



Some pictures by Charlotte Hardy I LOVED especially the birdcage one

This guy was awesome, he made sculptures and sort of put them INSIDE a canvas... check this one of AUDREY!!!

And this one, "dancing on the world" or something ... <3

This one was by my cleaner, Susie, she does watercolours

Another one by Susie

When we walked in there was this sculpture

wahooooo winter

Right, now that I have calmed down somewhat (I'm not angry now just depressed because my life sucks. Unless nobody can go. But I'm not gonna wish for them not to, because that would be mean), these are some of the pictures I took ^^


the girl with the satchel said...

Ooo I love the birdcage one and the one with AURDREY, I simply de love it, we have to have awesome painting on the walls of our ikea flat xxx

tegan said...

yeah something ... BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S inspired, totally, I want that Audrey Hepburn one, grrr.