Sunday, 11 October 2009


Pahahaha I had to upload this pic because LOOK! I AM A FLOATING HEAD!! ^^

Just got back from Fleet Pond with Tim and Nathaniel. They're building these jumps there so you know...I did a bit'ta diggin :)
Saw this guy who went to Elvetham Heath. Ahhh. Such good times..
After we finished digging we went to Tim's and had some garlic bread and trifle and sausage rolls. OMG, they were so nice. And we watched the Family Guy movie where Stewie gets drunk all the time haha.

SHEEETT BRUV I have French tomorrow and I have to write this essay thingy. Oh well. And English - I haven't even begun to type it up .. =D

I have a red nose from all my outdoor activity.

ciao ciao

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