Saturday, 10 October 2009


Just got back from the most exciting place in the whole entire world - Fleet Town, the place of dreams. Haha. NOT. But I got some really cool leggings. They have red flowers on them - and only £3! Bargain much! And I got a latte at More Than Coffee - you know, the place that used to be Whistlers (RIP) and everyone thought it was still Whistlers and I was like 'no guys my brother lost his job'.
Oh and got the bottoms of my heels capped. I wonder if the stone is still there...

Last night, Sophie slept round. Zara would have been there, but she was ill =/ We made pancakes (at like 8.30, we went to the garage for milk :D) and watched 'Hairy Women' about women with ... well... hair. Don't watch it, it's seriously wierd. After our pancake fiesta we fell asleep to an old classic-The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan's like, first film, when she was cute little eleven year old. Before the booze and partying and drugs. Oy.
Then this morning we made another trip to the garage to get some pain au chocolat for breakfast. They were sort of crappy ones because they were from a petrol station, but to make it worse we totally burnt them. The top was COMPLETELY BLACK.

And now I need to seriously tidy my room and wash my hair..
Oh yeah, also went to the Library today. I know it sounds geeky, but you can get EVERYTHING there. I heart it.

ciao ciao

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the girl with the satchel said...

woo the libary ! did u smell books?? xx