Thursday, 8 October 2009

change of plan!

I'm not doing that picture of a girl on a wall anymore, I'm doing this one ^^ because of recent weather being gay. And then today it was nice and sunny - but Erin was in Dorset. GRR! I do like this one more though, by Eleanor Hardwick - she's only sixteen, but she's so talented. <-- her website, go on 'a secret place' some very cool pics!

I haven't updated since Tuesday because yesterday I was out all evening at Hannah's penultimate ice skating lesson and then Val's (her mum) card party. We just chucked Maltesers in our mouths and tried to duet on piano... er... FAIL. But yeah, yesterday I had double Physics first wahoo. It started off me, Reece, Katie, and Cameron on a table. Then Cameron got moved, Reece got fed up of us, and then Katie decided to go sit with someone else! So...FINE! I sat with Becky :3
And then today I sat with Amy and Bella. It's like musical chairs in this lesson.
Continuing with Toosday, I had Maths next. Erin sits with me now so I'm happy :D And we draw pictures and discuss stories, and be creative - total opposite to Maths, but hey. And then Philosophy and Ethics, i.e - Owning the Bible. This week ... Book of Job. Which is pronounced Jobe. But it doesn't have a magic e, so it therefore fails at everything in life.
After lunch I had Drama and French which is a good way to end the day. Our Shakers piece in Drama is going...hmmm.. okay... but we seriously need more practise! Lunchtimes, methinks. And in French. Well. Matt and I just correct people really.

And today...everyone was on the Geoggers trip learning about coastal erosion in Dorset, and going on NODDY TRAINS (lucky!) apart from Katherine, Sophie, and me. Except Katherine has Music at lunch, so just me and Sophie! Hehe! xD
Double Photography, where I found this pic, and watched other people's projects. Double PE - sort of ran around having a Girls v Boys war with Matt and Ewan and Eileen and Katherine! Then at lunch it was just me and Sophie so we wrote messages to the Year Eights (the ones who start beef HAHA) and talked about Flo Rida. (ie Florida)
Then English. Katherine and I observed the fitties in an otherwise dead silent lesson. Oh, except for telling Michelle to die. Well that was Jake and Ben. But yeah. And then Science we watched a video and I sort of fell asleep a bit - but oddly, I still get it. I think it's cos I was sitting with Amy and Bella. Or because it was simple. Whatever.

Raved on the bus with Sarah - it went a new route, down Elvetham Road which was pretty exciting. Man, I need a life, clearly. Walked his Lordship, read Alice in Wonderland, and I need to do my Photography work now...writing the analysis on that mighty fine pic ^

ciao ciao

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