Tuesday, 6 October 2009

blueberry hats and other things related to tuesdays...

OK, isn't that just the sexiest hat you've ever seen in your life? ^^ But do you know what's cooler...the fact that I have a strawberry hat as well for in the summer! Yeah. I know. Mum even said she could make an awesome Christmas pudding one.

Well, anyway, hats aside...

This morning I woke up really late because I was so enjoying my dream about some people I know walking about in wierd costumes that had these like...sausage things on top. Ahem...anyway...! Have you noticed that in the mornings it's pitch black now? Miss Vivash (she'll always be Miss Vivash to me...) was right - it totally makes you feel like it's Christmas! Ahhh. Love it.

Anyway, period one was Maths. We had Miss Lorrie and she's pretty scary. English - we hav ea new classroom! It's was a Music room...but now they're refurbishing all this stuff in that area of the school...anyway we spent the lesson doing 'Ideas' of the poem and passing notes about our hilarious stories with Matt. Then Double History, and Mrs Jones said (and I quote) "YOU DON'T YOU TALK TO ME ABOUT THE STARVING KIDS IN AFRICA! THEY DON'T NEED PAPER ... THEY CAN WRITE IN THE SAAANNNDDDD!" she's such a legend. At lunch and after lunch I was kinda depressed for various reasons and I have decided I would love to go to boarding school. I just hate my school. I want to go to boarding school - but it'll never happen. And I couldn't leave the Patch Crew!

After school I took the bus with Erin and grabbed Rufus before walking him to Ruby's house. She wasn't in so we had an explore of the Heath, checked at Morrisons to see if she was there, took a kebab out of Rufus's mouth (ewwwww, if only I was Eileen. Then I'd have my hand sanitizer!), and then walked back to Ruby's - posted her The Book we made for her...and then walked aaalllll the way home! Then had a brief discussion with my Uncle Fraser about popular names :3

Right .. well..

ciao ciao

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