Monday, 5 October 2009

mondays are the worst.

They seriously are. I mean, GETTING UP. After a week-end of snoozing in? Or in my case...being ill and staying in bed all day? Sucks lollies! So first I had English and Miss Chow was reading off the slide, as she had instructed us not to do for like the past three weeks. And then Science. Because I wasn't in on Friday, Mike and Alec thought I was dead so they pretended I wasn't there and was merely a floating voice. Kudos to them...they kept it up pretty well. At one point Alec actually sat on my lap because of course I was an empty seat! Mmm. It wasn't the best feeling. Especially as Alec got the whole class in on it. EVEN ERIN. Who had a mighty fine hat on today...totally bringing mine in tomorrow!

Double French. OMG, Quizlet...that thing just made me STRESSED OUT! And it involved opening up e-mail to activate our accounts, so we all spent the lesson on our e-mails. Katherine got one from Facebook, a friend request, and she wanted to know who the guy was cos she thought she might know him, but stupid school computers block Facebook! GARN!
Maths and History was gayness.

And now I'm e-mailing Nanny P. I have to see this jumps thing him and Tim are building at the pond..

Ooh, last night at the Gurkha Square Restaurant (sorry, was spelling Gurkha wrong last time...!) I had a meal called 'chow chow' so I was like 'HEHE. Blog.'

chow chow

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oilstein said...

hahah so is nanny p nathaniel murphaaaaaaaaay?
the name? p for paedo? xoxo