Sunday, 4 October 2009

photo shoot in a field

^^ Yeah basically.
Emily's Dad kindly dropped us off at Netherhouse Moor, and then after asking for directions (my memory failed me...up until the car park) we found the field. Unfortunately, all the barely had been CUT DOWN, but there was some of this brown and wheaty stuff so we managed to set up there.
We had an awesome day taking pictures and eating a packed lunch haha! We even saw an overweight pigeon called Derek. I got a photo of him, it's on my Facebook. Once we got back from the shoot I realised I was locked out of my house. Doh! But I got the key off my next door neighbour so it's all good. Man...I want Emily and Erin to upload their pics!

Later, Sophie's Dad and Zara's Mum and Syl and Guy and my parents and me are all gonna have coffee and a chat etc. about Florida in February! =) Then I'm off to that Nepalese restaurant in know, the Ghurka Square? It's in the Ghurka Square funnily enough, near the library with the Ghurka café ... Ghurka.

well, gonna see if they've uploaded the pics, (doubtful) and check my e-mail.

ciao ciao

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