Saturday, 3 October 2009

feeling better (i hope!)

Hey there..
Am feeling better after yesterday's crappiness of lying around at home, making my family ill and taking an Ikea blanket with me everywhere... and I mean... everywhere.

So yeah still got a slight heady - illy vibe goin' on but I wish I was in Blazers with Erin right now...watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and taking pictures of people wearing awesome stuff and then interviewing them about it!! But NOOOOO.. mum was like 'you're not going out' because she thinks I'm still ill. And now Dad's gone galavanting to Reading to get pressies (I think he's going to Ikea again.. WITHOUT ME. I need those meatballs man.) And I'm staying at home with les grandparents who are actually leaving me in the afternoon to go to some sort of sixtieth birthday rave.

And then in the evening, my uncle Fraser's coming from New Jersey, US of A ! And later on in the month.. Billie's coming (man. I so can't wait for that.. Londonian shopping a go go!) and then my Aunt Lisa's coming later in the month for Emma and Steve's wedding ( I NEED A DRESS FOR THIS WEDDDIIINNNGGG!! Mum won't get me one because she obviously doesn't see the necessity) .. so it's like familyamatic this month!

And then Halloween with the girls .. I think. We're having a sleepover - I'm being Lady GaGa. I spent my ill time learning how to do her hair on YouTube. There's a postal strike ATM (if you didn't know that, i.e you haven't bought any thing off Good Ol' Tinternet recently) so perhaps I should get my wig now so that I have it in time for the 31st. I never know!!

I found this dress (pictured above ^^ ) in my wardrobe and was like WHEEEEEE, new dress! I have never worn it before! Kerry gave it to me (she's obviously not cool enough to wear it), she gives me a lot of things that her grandma buys her and she just passes on to me without even taking the label off.


ciao ciao

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