Monday, 12 October 2009

monday toilet cubicle fun

These are the pics I'm using to recreate that previous one...! ^^ I haven't got Jess's bit yet because she FORGOT HER STUFF, but hey! At least I got these two :)

First period, English. Dead silent. Ben got in a fight with Michelle. Very entertaining! And then Science, Erin and I planned what we're gonna say for Style Spotting :D After Break, double French where Matt, Katherine and I formed TKAC, Tim's Kitchen Appreciation Club. It is the sexiest kitchen known to man. Seriously. It lights up.
Oh and we were discussing marriage (in French obviously...)

Last two periods, History and Maths. History, Miss Jones was as ever LOLWORTHY and Maths we had a supply teacher. So Erin and I just did the usual :D

Tonight Erin and Jess are sleeping over, and then we're going to Basingstoke tomorrow for STYLE SPOTTING and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! (It's an INSET day...we don't...bunk off...)

ciao ciao

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