Tuesday, 13 October 2009


And we did the most original thing - go to Basingstoke.
Yeah, 'cos nobody else from our school was doing that. NOT.

Jess Erin and me went Style Spotting and got a few pics which I shall put up after Erin decides to upload them. We gave out business cards and everything :3
Even though we did get rejected by some woman in Topshop. But whatever.
After that we narrowly missed the guys for lunch because they missed their train and we had to see our movie, so we settled for Burger King (mmm. Not the best choice.) and bumped into them on the way to the Poundland to get snacks for the film.

The film was LOLTASTIC I would recommend - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs :]
Even though there were no Ikea references what. So. Ever. But hey...!
Then we saw everyone else and went to New Look...and then got the train home, and I started replying to Gabby's letter.
But not completely. Because Rufus kept pestering me every minute because he lost his toy under the sofa. GOOOON DOG!

Sophie & Zara popped round. Sophie came to thank my Mum for the £25 Topshop gift card we gave her because Rufus ripped her top. And...FLORIDA IS BOOOOOKEEEEDDD!! =D

oooh yeah. You liking my hair/wardrobe today? Thought it was kinda quirky :]

ciao ciao

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