Sunday, 20 September 2009


Yes.. someone got raped. OK, no they didn't. Becky just randomly said that today.. ahem.

I just peeled a load of spuds and my hands are all dry now.. *cries*
I am also very upset with Emily, because she STILL hasn't put the pictures from Photography on Facebook. This was on Thursday. It is now Sunday. And she has been on Facebook since then!!

Such upsetting news! Mr Tinker wasn't actually AT the panto rehearsals...! He's retired I think. What a legend. I don't think he even knows me. Oh well. It felt sort of wierd being in a church. I always feel wierd in churches because I'm not religious.
No wait.. I AM!! I'm totally a Buddhist. I mean, it could be true all that stuff about rebirth and breaking free from samsara and karma and all that loveliness. I'm going to look up Buddhist rituals etc. on YouTube.. nahhh wait, Shane Dawson or someone might have uploaded a new video...!!

Speaking of videos.. I really need to finish up Part 2 of Memoirs of a Ginger Kid. I've just finished my retuning home from France.. but I don't have anything else to put in. I need to get filming..

I have a book about yoga.
I'm totally doing yoga.
We're trying to start a club up at school but Pengellerz isn't here on Fridays and we're too scared to ask Mrs Edwards.

AHHHH my spots are so annoying. Perhaps Mutter could take me to a Dermatologist and I could get special treatment like Theo. I mean, his was sort of like this when he was fourteen.. and now look at him! OK ... they're not so bad now they're faded.. but a few months ago... ooooooh lordy.

I also had a picnic today but I didn't have any food so I had to scavenge off everyone. Is that the right word? Oh whatever. Umm.. and we nearly threw up after going on the tyre swing.
I went in the river to wash Bella's shoe after she got dog poo on it.

*sigh*... the things I do for some people, hey?

I think this has been quite enough for today.

ciao ciao

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