Saturday, 19 September 2009


God, this Blogger thing is annoying.. it won't let me change my font style.. EVEN THOUGH I HAVE DONE IT MILLIONS OF TIMES!! So if you see a post and half of it is a random other font, you know why.

Garn. That is so annoying.
And I can't upload my own template.
This green one shall do for now.

Anyway, today was rather MWAWESOME ;) Zara and Les Deux Katherines came round and we did our English work which didn't really get done cos we were talking to this awesome guy .. but we did do our French rap!
Ha. We'll blow Eileen away!
OK we probably won't it's a bit gay really.

Hmmm.. my dad was like 'TEGAN YOU WEAR MAKE-UP?!'
Honestly, that Spindel is seriously getting old.

Panto Rehearsals tomorrow.. I'm 1st Playing Card. Hell. Yeah. I have like 4 lines! Wahoo! It's the Youth Parish Pantomime or something.. whatever, either way it's written by Mr Tinker.. he used to help out at our school. Now he clearly writes pantomimes.

Some people eh?

Well.. I'm off to beddybyes now.. *big yawn*

ciao ciao

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