Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Heddo dere.

You know when you shake and you don't know whether it's nerves or if it's simply cos your cold? Yeah, I had that today. Except I'm pretty sure it was the coldness, it was totally freezing in Miss Chow's English classroom. Anyway, the point is, I could have been made to stand in front of the class (meh, that's usually OK but on this occasion it was not..) and talk about some poem which none of us (Les Deux Katherines and Zara.. plus me) had really cared about and our notes were especially rather lame.
And then.. the first group goes up and they talk for literally the whole lesson. A*A*A*A* is in my head, I mean, they were so .... BORING. I love them, but seriously. It was so good. Because it was so boring. Because they're meant to be boring. And they didn't screw up AT ALL. They remembered all of their hour long notes or whatever. OK, so maybe I was falling asleep with Tim and Nathanael.. but Miss Chow was loving it. In her Peruvian cardi.

ANYWAY... after English we went to the loos and these Year Eights came in after us and ate their lunch in the cubicles. Seriously, you get some odd kids at this school (not to mention Nanny P... the P stands for pervert). There was the Shades Kid (this chinese kid who wears sunglasses like.. all the time) at lunchtime yesterday.. carrying around a pint of milk. I mean seriously.. WTF?! I blame the caff. They've started selling it. It's just so random. BUT, you get some seriously cute Year Sevens. Like this little ginger boy (yeah I know.. I TOTALLY empathised with him with the gingerness) who was sitting by himself bless him! So we waved at him and grinned. At first he was a bit freaked out (who can blame him?!) but then towards the end he smiled at us, bless.

Oh God, Spindelshanks (ie Dad) needs help re-uniting socks. BRB.

Just left him wailing to himself. I couldn't help him - those socks simply have no pairs. Anyway, Double History.. for the first 50 mins we were in Miss Kenny's room (she wanted to use our room for the DVD player so we did a swapsie) and everyone could choose where they sat. All the seats surrounding Deanna and Ruby were full so I sat at the front. Then, the lesson began and I found myself sitting ALL ALONE at the rather long front row looking like I had no friends.

Let's skip school out. School's boring and uniformy and boys push each other and lunchtime is filled with us gossiping .. it's all the same really.

I was walking His Lordship today and I saw a little toy penguin propped against a lamppost. Makes you think doesn't it... How the fugg did that get there? (and yes.. that is the correct spelling of lamppost.. I know it didn't look right to me either) I mean.. did some random kid go 'ahhh I don't want this toy anymore' and give him a proper send-off by propping him up against a post where dogs pee? (I say that but LePoof didn't take a wizz)

Well.. there's my brain for you.

ciao ciao

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