Friday, 25 September 2009

i smell chicken

I dont smell chicken at all, actually.

Haha, I had to put this pic up ^^ I had forgotten all about it..

Today I finally DID the English presentation (yeah...typical, we were the last group). It went pretty well-feeling bad for Matt and Ewan's group who were so unprepared they read off the slide. Luckily Matt did some pretty good impro which I think might have saved them. Tim was conveniently not there. Anyway ours went pretty well, I made up loads of shizzle, trying to ignore Michelle in the front row who was mouthing stuff like 'move your legs!' or something that she thought I was doing wrong. I was like 'ER NO GO AND AV A BAFF.' I mean seriously. Their presentation had Bella in it which was good but the slide order went wrong and they had some freaky ass music. I mean I'm just saying.

Supposed to be going to Sophie's tonight, but I haven't even had my dinner yet, plus Zara's not gonna be there (the main idea was to show Zara the apartment in Florida.. EEEEPPPPP!!).

Drama was pretty awesome today, props and all. Beforehand Miss Kenny came up to me and said that I can't have the flicky bits on the end of my eyeliner. Excuse my French (why do people say that? I mean...what about people who can speak French? What about French people? Let's say... Dutch then. Nobody knows Dutch.) but WTF?! This school just gets even more ridiculous by the day. Like on Monday we were informed on the amount of stripes that must be visible on your school tie. (6 if it's a house tie, 11 if normal. Something like that. Who cares.) And how is that going to effect our learning?!?!
Sheesh kebabs.

I forgot my lunch today.
I'm hungry.

gonna get some food. Perhaps I do smell chicken.

ciao ciao

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