Sunday, 7 June 2009

Small children are my topic today. Last night I went to a barbecue in Tilehurst, and there were three children there. One of them was four, another was six, and the other one just sort of stood there grinning as if I had just given him LSD or something.
Anyway, the entire evening was spent grabbing my leg. I'm not exaggerating. They would actually lift it up. Not good when one is wearing a skirt. And then the four year old ripped my tights right round the back, until the ratio of my leg was more skin than nylon. And the worst bit was them getting away with it because they're so small and innocent! 'Oh, you shouldn't have worn your school tights' 'stop fooling around by the barbecue!'
I know how it feels to be the oldest child now...and how to be Kerry. Jeeez. I don't know how she puts up with it.
Don't get me wrong, small children can be adorable and cute and lovely, but it's the spoilt ones who grab you and whine alot that grind my gears.

Anywho, today I spent the whole day making a birthday present. And I am still in my pyjamas at quarter past six in the evening.
Ladies and Gentlemen, my life.

ciao ciao

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