Thursday, 17 September 2009


Well...guess who hasn't written for a while! Yeah, that's right, me. So, what's been going on? Well, the summer's over now, and it's back to school (such enthusiasm) with some slight changes...such as NO GEOGRAPHY and PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS! yeah, I know, it's too shizzy to cope with.

Another thing about school - this year we have P.E with the boys. It's completely different this year. We get to do what we want, there's no Huddle Up By The Whiteboard Time And Discuss The Sport We Tell You To Do.. you choose from a selection and then just get on with it. And today I played the almighty sport of ping pong. It was quite scary really. There were balls everywhere. I was trying to keep Katherine safe from getting serious thwackage.

My latest craze - Shane Dawson. I love him. YouTube him.

Been making quite a few videos over the summer too. Most importantly - Memoirs of a Ginger Kid, the movie of my life. Part 1 on YouTube..

Just went downstairs and insisted that the chips are given 10 more minutes to be thoroughly cooked (can't trust Spindelshanks cooking..that's Dad btw). I then went to preen Poof.
'Oh cannot deny he is so truly gorgeous' I said.
'Can we not be silent. All the time.' Was his reply.

Ooh ooh.. latest saying: I LOOOOVEEE FISHER PRICE! Brought to us by Z'Zay'Zay, like many things.

We are also loving the word Spud. Even Katherine. Who used to hate it. I'm not sure she loves it, but she accepts it.

The Patch Crew is ever-growing. I suppose this is a good thing..

this has been a sufficient amount of rambling. OOOOH .. one last thing.. LOVING my new Fifi Lapin satchel! Sold to me from the wierd Indian man in the Bag Shop who made me leave messages on his kid's answer machines and left me in charge of the shop whilst he popped round the corner.

ciao ciao

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