Saturday, 6 June 2009

hello again.
I just got back from a two day tour of various battlefields and cemeteries and memorials of the battle of the Somme etc. in Belgium and France. Many people moaned and groaned at having to stand around learning about dead people, but don't you think people to need to experience a bit of culture?! These are the people that died for us! The Last Post, I found, was very cultural indeed seeing as the town of Ypres do it every night. It was good to see things differently for a change.
Not that we didn't get to have fun! Chocolate shopping, staying in a hostel with your friends? This trip definitely brought me closer to some people. In, admittedly, embarrassing ways...
Plus I got to chat to a stalker. Seriously. It was odd. When she wasn't photographing the poor boy sleeping on the coach, she was trying to get people around him to knock him out or something so that she could get him somewhat asleep on camera.
Oh, and this guy started perving up my friend and he wouldn't leave us alone after we mistakenly made friends with him. UGH.
And 'Channel Tunnel' is so last week. It's 'Chunnel'.

And I have lost my voice =(

ciao ciao

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