Monday, 1 June 2009

Things That Occur in the Petite Ville

Right, so, first on my epic tale…well, I just had my car broken into. Yes, Theodore and I were strolling on over to Cove Road whereby he would drive me to Drama, yet were called to an abrupt halt when we realised that the side window was completely smashed up, and the stereo was gone. Lovely.
Plus I need my EHIC card and passport in tomorrow for LE SOMME. Because if I don’t, then, well, I probably won’t be permitted into Belgium…maybe if I told them that I used to reside in their humble country, with a capital city named after a fine vegetable they could make an allowance. Or, a better idea, I could just hand in my passport and EHIC card. Yeah. Better…
The weather is, as the song dictates, feeling HOT HOT HOT! Mmmm, nice (: Except for all the sweating, that’s never good.

But onto what's most important about this blog: Pet peeves.
My two biggest (in case you didn't already know) have to be:
-Blue Jeans with the rest of your uniform (especially with ice skates as well)
-Curly fries.
Did I talk about the mis-use of apostrophes? Like when you say 'you're new phone is so cool!' NO, my friend, although it may be a charming phone, 'you're new phone' is like saying 'you are new phone is so cool!' Does that MAKE sense? No. Not at all.
Sorry if this blog comes off sort of synical. These things just annoy me.
What else? Hmm.. cling film. There's not much wrong with cling film, it's just a personal's far too...clingy!
Oh, and you can't forget Legally Blondes. Yes, Blondes, as in PLURAL. They made a spin-off of Legally Blonde. And it's not LOL like Legally's cheese on a stick, as my friend Bella would say.
Well, not much else happening in Fleet. It was recently my birthday, so to celebrate I had the gang over in the garden...things got hairy when strawberry leaves, er, 'turned up' in my neighbours' garden.
Ciao ciao

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kattybabbycheesecakepie said...

well whats wrong with curly fries/ they are SOOO good, especialy with that weid seasoning they usually have on them
im sorry to hear about your car
but not sorry to hear about your birthday