Tuesday, 6 January 2015

8 Awesome Things That Have Already Happened In 2015

1. First and foremost, the McRib has made a comeback

You've gotta love processed pork and increased diabetes risks! Although maybe not enough to get it tattooed on your chests. I'm really sorry, vegetarians. Keep scrolling. 

2. It's been announced that there's gonna be an AbFab movie

Start re-watching all the episodes! Jennifer Saunders says she's finished the script and production work will take place this year!

3. Birdman came out in cinemas, and it was fucking awesome

It really wasn't what I expected. Although to be honest I didn't know much about it before I saw it, so didn't really know what to expect. But I was pleased. It centres around a washed up actor who used to be famous (by playing superhero Birdman), now trying to make it on Broadway with an adaptation of a Raymond Carver story. He has to hire super-egotistical actor Mike (played by Edward Norton) and have his recovering stoner daughter (played by Emma Stone, how appropriately named HA okay sorry) help him out. Towards the end it gets a bit confusing, but it's fucking great when you think it all through. The first half is basically just the drama of Broadway, and huge chunks of it is filmed all in one take which is pretty awesome. Also, lots of loud drums. Just as a warning.

5. Artist Hannah Habibi made these great alternatives to Page 3 pictures

Check them out here

6. The petition to stop Oldham signing convicted rapist Ched Evans BLEW UP

On the 4th January, a petition to stop Oldham from signing him was started on Change.org and it is now ranked as one of the fastest-growing petitions on the website. It was estimated at more than one person a second signing it. Little bit of faith in humanity has been restored. Sign the petition HERE

7. An indie record label bought the UKIP website

Oxford-based record label "Alcopop!" paid £200 for the rights to the UKIP domain name two days ago. They have a receipt, but unsure if the website is fully in their control. When asked what they would do if it were to be, a spokesperson for the label said "we're not sure yet. Some charities have suggested linking through to them so that sounds like a cracking idea. What I really don't want to do, if it all goes through, is do something that would make me a lot of money. That would be horribly crass."

Apparently the site is up and running again now, working 'for some, but not for others'. Hmmm. Well it was fun while it lasted.

8. And lastly, I got a cool new haircut

I'm bringing the 70s split fringe back... OK, maybe Alexa Chung did it first, but whatever.

I hope 2015 continues to be bright and beautiful for you all
Tegan xo


Armed Withcamera said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I agree with you, it upsets me as well that many men and women find it difficult to accept their bodies. For me it was/is kinda about being "normal" as well, fitting in ect. I don't really understand where the whole idea of fat and thin came into play attractiveness-wise, considering that women who aren't stick thin are usually better designed for childbirth and therefore I would've thought that instinctively men would see them as attractive... Btw I ended up taking down that post. I wasn't brave enough to have it up for everyone to see in the end. I wish I didn't but I'm still scared in a way of new people from uni finding it and maybe judging me. I know I probs shouldn't but urgh that's how I feel.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you are off to a great year!

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights