Thursday, 10 April 2014

Men Can Have It Hard Too

Hey guys,

So I was reading this article and it did make me think a bit. Usually on this blog I do talk about women and the overwhelming amount of sexism, objectification, and prejudices there are in society - but there are some that concern men too. In the article, Rosamind Urwin points out how men can get groped too, and about this response that they should feel really great about it. Which is fucking stupid, and leads me to my first point - 

*~Men aren't animals~* 

People seem to think that if a woman advances on a man, they're gonna love it, no matter what. Urwin uses the example of Chris Brown: the reaction to him revealing he lost his virginity when he was eight was "wahey! Early starter!". Imagine if that was a girl. Everyone would be horrified, and would notice straight away that she was a child rape victim. Well so was Chris, technically - but no, that was seen as something he should be proud of, that's funny. If a man gets groped or harassed, they should feel lucky. Granted, the ratio of men to women getting harassed is a huge difference, but it's sad that even though it doesn't happen a lot, when it does happen, men get that sort of reaction from others. It's like I mentioned in my previous post, not all men put sex as their number one priority in life. They're not all fucking Inbetweeners characters guys, jeeeez.

The phrase "man up" is stupid

If a man came up with this phrase, then they've sort of shot their gender in the foot. Why should men have to hide their emotions and feel ashamed about their feelings just because they're men? This phrase basically implies that because you have a penis, you can't have any emotions. It's the same with calling a guy "a pussy" if he doesn't behave in a stereotypical manly way. I mean, I understand that sometimes, the British "stiff upper lip" attitude can be useful; sometimes, you have to just get over stuff, get yo shit together, and move the fuck on, and it helps to just brush things off sometimes and focus on what's really important. But telling kids to "man up" if they're upset in school, but not doing that to the girls - it's just unfair. It's just making men conform to stupid expectations that are damaging to themselves and others. Take a look at this video about it - 

So yeah, just a little something to mull over I guess! 

I hope you guys have a great day, and enjoy Easter... and the WEATHER THAT IS FINALLY LOOKING GOOD FOR ONCE, PRAISE THE HOLY LORD

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Anonymous said...

10/10 would read again

Jessica said...

I agree with you. That men can have it hard too.

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights