Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Marion Cotillard (and a sorry)

OK I'm going to start with a big SORRY for being the laziest blogger in the whole world in fact I'm barely even eligible for the title of blogger because I've been so lazy. It's summer now so I don't really have an excuse, other than the fact I have lots of books to read and actually I am in fact writing a book, so if anyone would like me to post some extracts I shall, there are a couple on my Tumblr I think (link to the right)

So anyway, I bought Marie Claire today for 2 reasons:

1.) the free mascara - I'm a cheapskate, don't judge. It was an Avon one, why pay a tenner for it when you can get it free with a £3 magazine, HELLO, basic economics.

2.) Marion Cotillard was on the front, and last night Mike and I watched Midnight in Paris, a wonderful film by Woody Allen, which she stars in. She's also in the Dark Knight Rises, but I much prefer her as the lovely Adrienne in MIP. She's also an incredibly stylish lady so I thought she deserved a post! Plus she's French. So, you know, that too.




*To Wanderlust* said...

Ah I read the Marie Claire article too, I've now fallen it love with her! So stylish! xx

Ava Tallulah said...

She's so gorgeous. I live in the US (but was born and raised in the UK- British at heart...and legally haha) and my friend bought this Marie Claire over for me. Such a good one. I think she took the free mascara though hahaha.

Ava Tallulah

Sarah Florence said...

she definitely does deserve a post, she is especially gorgeous in Midnight in Paris and it's one of the loveliest films I've seen in ages, i actually think i could watch it again and again!


Rebecca said...

Oh thankfully someone who had the same logic as me to buy marie claire apart from the fact my Mam offered to buy me a magazine a free £10 mascara, I'd have been stupid to say no haha! Lovely post x

garde said...

I love her, she is so beautiful...
maybe you like my style. lots of kisses....fran

Beau said...

the outfits looks amazing! your blog is very good and interesting. would you like to check out my latest post? :)