Tuesday, 8 November 2011

move, move quick

cardigan//charity shop - dress//er, some place in Poole - tights//primark (well Zara gave them to me, but I think you can get 'em in primark) - socks//M&S - belt//primark

song: Bar Italia-Pulp
hey there, at the moment my mum is making a roast dinner (yeah it's Tuesday, I don't understand either...) and I think Mike's coming over and we're gonna make gluten free brownies, woo. anyway, this is what I wore to college today, as per, and I was bloody cold, so it wasn't a very good idea. should have gone with a denim jacket over the top as well. I love putting knee high socks over the top of thin tights, a good example of layering that also looks really cute.
so as a general consensus... should I do a make up tutorial/video thingy?



Sunny & Star said...

Those tights are totally adorable I want some tights like these so badly.

Xenia said...

Laaave this outfit! <3

musicandmollie said...

i love those tights, especially with the knee highs :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Hazel Mamaril said...


Vivid Virginia said...

I love the place that u taken your photos. :)

White Honeyr

sophie! said...

oh my mum makes me a roast dinner during the week all the time. cause i love them tooooo much!
would love to see a video/tutorial from you. cute tights with the socks!

claradevi said...

yes i wanna see your video tutorial! i esp. love what you do with your hair. always looked natural and prettyyy xx

Anonymous said...

Really like your tights, very sweet. Your hair also looks wonderful! Your fringe sweeps so effortlessly!

Sophie Isobel said...

Loving the tights and socks combo! I'm going to have to look in Primark for some new tights - I haven't bought any for ages!

Two Happy Hearts said...

thanks for your sweet, sweet comment!
and let me just say...you are pretty much the cutest thing ever.
happy to be a follower ;)