Thursday, 13 October 2011

If you called your dad, he could stop it all yeah

Title Song: Common People - Pulp

T-Shirt-my brother (H&M menswear)//Jeans-Primark//Jumper-H&M//Panda ring-Trocadero shop//LBD-Guess//Floral blouse-Primark//Denim jacket-Mum

Hellllooooo all. Another random variety of photos today... LOL just realised how much I look like I need to pee in the first photo, awkward. Anyway, AUTUMN IS HERE! We have survived the wierd October heatwave and now it's chilly again, yay! Time for maroon/red/burgundy and denim! The other day I got this awesome kind of rusty coloured jumper from H&M, and it has a cute pocket (modelled by my panda ring... which I got when meeting Panda from Studmuffin, she has a matching one, SHE BETTER STILL HAVE IT) which I know is just for decoration, but I have stuck my phone in there a couple of times...
Oh, and that awesome hairslide made of recycled pencils (in very autumnal colours, woo) is actually from THE PENCIL MUSEUM in Keswick, The Lake District. My mum went in there by herself a few weeks ago when she went to the Lake District... she sat there colouring in childrens worksheets. Bless her.

My room is kind of all over the place at the moment - the other day I came home to find the ceiling leaking, and the water valve thing is in a cupboard in my bedroom, which meant tearing my whole room apart, and now my mum is insisting that I have a proper clear out. :/

In other news, I HAVE A NEW ROOMMATE/LODGER THING! Haha, my friend Paddy moved to Ireland a couple of months ago to live with his Dad, long story short, it was shite, so now he lives with me in my brothers old bedroom! :)

Annnddd lastly, I bought the latest ELLE on Sunday, and it was a pleasing one. Only cos I love Emma Watson and how sensible and innocent she is, and most of all classy. She's like, the most famous female of our time, (she even got recognised as "the girl from Harry Potter" in a mud hut in Bangladesh, come on) and yet she hasn't let it get to her head. Also in that issue of ELLE, an interview with Donatella Versace - VERSACE FOR H&M COMING OUT SOON! Not that I'll be able to afford any of it... 

™ - xo


Jaymie said...

love your outfits girl! and i spot a panda, eee!
ah annoying about your ceiling, boo.

Anonymous said...

I really like the shirt in the bottom two photos, been considering getting myself a floral one recently!
Love the outfit X

Xenia said...

Your style is friggin awesome. Love your bottom outfit sooo much! Xx

Ana L. said...

Great pics. I'm in love with this ELLE with Emma on the cover! She's stunning!

kat said...

very nice, you look so cute all the time! xx

Hey-zel Mamaril said...


Lily said...

Your room always looks so cool Tegan, it's so creative and artsy! And Emma Watson is truely amazing, love her :) x

hannah said...

love the little panda! : )



Charlotte said...

You`ve got such a nice room! :) And I love your outfit, again <3

Mitha Komala said...

your room is amazing! i love the sweater and denim jacket, pretty <3

follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

Anonymous said...

love your last outfit and what is up with the weather I mean come on!! and because I'm like awesomely cool like your mum i too have been to the pencil museum.. x

Francesca Felix said...

i just love that cover with emma watson! amazing

Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I would wear *all* of your clothes.

noura. said...

i LOVE this

Anonymous said...

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